20 Tips For Living a More Eco-Friendly Life

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One of JOLYN’s primary goals in partnering with the Surfrider Foundation, aside from bringing you this sweet new collaboration swimsuit, is bringing their expertise on protecting and enjoying our ocean and coasts to you! So, we asked our friends at Surfrider to weigh in on some simple ways to make our lives a little more sustainable and ocean-friendly, and we came up with the following list. Try these out for yourself and let us know how it goes!

Learn more about our Surfrider partnership here >>


1. Consider switching to refillable home and personal care products

Avoid buying a new (typically plastic) bottle of shampoo, conditioner, astringent, cleaning products, etc, every time you run out.

There are so many great refillable companies out there and some may even be local to you!


2. Say no to disposable 🚯

Plastic and foam plates, bowls, knives, forks, spoons— you don’t need them. Reduce single-use plastics by bringing your own reusable plates and cutlery from home wherever possible if you’re grabbing or bringing food on the go. 

**Please note: Some places are restricting the use of reusables due to COVID-19 concerns at this time. Surfrider is working in many regions to ensure that rollbacks on single-use plastic regulations are not a long-term solution, but at present, this is not allowed everywhere.

3. Opt for alternative single-use plastic like glass or aluminum when shopping, wherever possible.

Reducing single-use plastics is extremely important for the health of our planet.

4. Consider switching out all your light bulbs to more energy-efficient options 💡

You can do it all at once or slowly as your light bulbs die off to reduce unnecessary waste, but it’s always a great idea to grab the compact fluorescent light bulbs or LED bulbs when restocking. They use significantly less energy than a regular bulb and they last significantly longer. A no-brainer.

5. Carpool it up 🚗

Carpooling is not only fun because it’s a chance to jam out with your friends on the way to training or the movies, but it’s also an easy way to reduce your carbon footprint.

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6. Ride your bike 🚲

If you’re going anywhere nearby (within about 5 miles) and can safely do so, consider riding your bike! It’s a great way to get some fresh air and even some exercise while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint.

7. Unplug electronics you are not using 🔌

Did you know that your computer charging cord is still using energy even when your computer is not plugged in?! Make sure to unplug that bad boy when you’re not using it to help reduce your energy consumption.

8. Get some reusable bags 🛍

Whether it's bags for bulk-buying, storing or freezing your food, or keeping cosmetics and electronics dry and sand-free at the beach...

Or bags for your shopping, there are so many awesome reusable bag options out there that are easy to use and will help reduce waste!

To reduce your impact even further, choose a bag made from organic, biodegradable materials such as cotton or hemp.

Check out these options from our friends at Surfrider—100% of proceeds from your purchase go directly back into supporting their mission!

9. Bring your own cup/thermos to the coffee shop or wherever possible ☕️

Help reduce waste while supporting your favorite local cafe.

There are sooooo many fun options out there, including these ones made with love for your by JOLYN >>

10. Skip the straw 

Cutting out this small item can help cut back on single-use plastics in a big way.

If you do prefer to use a straw, a variety of companies now make them from metal, glass, and even silicone, some of which can be found here >>*

11. Get yourself a reusable water bottle🚰

Throw some ice cubes and some tap water into your reusable water bottle and you’re good to go! It just so happens that JOLYN makes some pretty great ones.

Check ‘em out >>

12. Avoid buying bottled water! 

There are too many amazing and easy to use water filtration systems available. Or just get yourself a filter-pitcher combo to keep in your refrigerator! They even come in fun colors!

13. Consider installing a water-efficient showerhead 🚿

It will help you not only use less water but also save on your water bill!

14. Speed up your showers

We know it seems nice to just let the warm water hug you for 20 minutes straight, but it's even nicer to save water.

15. Hang dry your laundry! 

Skip the mean/loud dryer and just hang dry your laundry! Hang it up on the doorways in your house or get yourself a cute lil clothesline from Amazon.

16. Consider the amount of product you’re using 

Do you really need to fill your entire hand with shampoo or conditioner? Probably not. Try starting small and adding from there to learn how much you actually need.

17. Baking or cooking in the oven? No more aluminum foil or parchment paper necessary! 🧁

Try a reusable silicone baking mat the reduce cooking-related waste.

18. When storing your leftover food, skip the plastic wrap

Switch over to organic, reusable wrap made from cotton cloth and beeswax >>*

Or a vegan, beeswax-free version like this one >> 

19. Turn the sink off

Whether you're brushing your teeth, washing your face, or washing your hands, try to turn the sink off as frequently as possible. Believe it or not, the sink doesn’t actually have to be on the entire time you do those activities. Save that water!

20. Have all your bills electronically sent 📧

Save paper and help the planet by simply having your bills emailed to you. Easier to keep track of and less storage and paper use. Win, win, win.

This list may seem a bit overwhelming, but keep in mind you don’t have to make all of these changes at once! Try setting a goal to make 2 small changes in your life per month to help you live a little more environmentally-friendly. Encourage your family and friends to make these changes, so you’re in it together— because we are all in this together! Every little bit helps and if we are all more conscious and make these changes, just imagine how much happier our oceans and planet will be!

 *This blog receives a commission for using Amazon products for the recommended items that we shared with you in this blog post. Although we receive a commission for using and linking their products, these recommended items were hand chosen by our JOLYN team.

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