JOLYN x Surfrider Foundation Collaborate Again

Woman wearing printed blue bikini holding surfboardSurfrider x JOLYN Collab logo

JOLYN is excited to announce that we're teaming up with our friends at the Surfrider Foundation for our second annual swimsuit collaboration. This year’s design is made with fabrics created from upcycled single-use plastic water bottles and just like last year, JOLYN will proudly donate 50% of profits from every sale in support of Surfrider’s mission to protect clean water and healthy beaches. 

With colors and design inspired by the ocean and waves that the Surfrider fights to protect, this year's limited edition print is appropriately named Neptune, referencing the god of the sea in Roman mythology.  We think it’s the coolest looking way to reuse what would otherwise be waste. Shop Neptune here!


How does a water bottle turn into a swimsuit? Simple! It all starts with a recycling plant where they separate out bottles labeled with a #1 (a PET plastic) on the bottom, wash them really well, and chop them into little tiny bits. From there the tiny bits are melted into even tinier balls, and those balls are melted into a new material called plasma. That plasma is stretched into strong fibers, that are then knit into recycled polyester swim fabric which is cut and sewn into your JOLYN Swimsuit.

JOLYLN cares deeply about protecting our treasured marine environment from the threats of plastic pollution. Did you know that the majority of the plastic in our ocean and on our beaches is from land-based sources—much of which comes from our everyday lives? The Surfrider Foundation’s Plastic Pollution Initiative strives to eliminate plastic pollution at the source so it never reaches our ocean.

Learn more about the Surfrider mission to protect and enjoy our ocean, waves and beaches for all people and get involved in your local Surfrider chapter by clicking here.

BTW!! Who knew a suit made from such alternative materials could be so comfy. You can count on this material  to feel and perform just like the classic JOLYN suits you know and love. Our last Surfrider suit received rave reviews. Check them out:



Great top for activities! 

"I do a lot of active stuff in my bathing suits and this top really works for active bods. Stays in place for swimming laps, surfing and playing in the waves. I love the cut and the ability to adjust the straps from the back. Definitely going to be my go to from now on."

Candace B.

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