Socal Inspired Prints by fellow San Diegans // ORANGE & PARK

To say that JOLYN was "proudly" founded in San Diego is an understatement.  We LOVE our hometown and the outdoor lifestyle that our perfect weather and sandy beaches afford.  Our friends at ORANGE & PARK, a fellow SD founded company, take weekend trips to baja, national parks, and standout local surf spots. They in turn combine their lifestyle & experiences to create inspired prints that can be found in homes, restaurants and offices around the globe.
Here is a quick Q&A with their co-founder John McCauley and a sneak peek into their inspiration!
JOLYN: Coronado is a pretty cool but small coastal community.  How did your southern californian roots influence your first prints and how have they evolved since?
JM: Growing up and living in Coronado is a privilege that is hard to ignore. We have an incredible beach on one side, an incredible bay on the other, and we're 5 minutes from a major urban center. It's unique in so many ways. We're spoiled. Orange and Park started off focused on Coronado and San Diego because that is what inspired us and what we knew. Over time, we shifted to other subjects - maps and objects - that are iconic in their own way and have special meaning to us. What I find interesting is our most successful products are related to California. I think, given our upbringing, there is a subconscious authenticity to the CA inspired products that's impossible to articulate but resonates with our customers.


JOLYN: It looks like you and the boys have a lot of epic weekend adventures.  What's your favorite destination and how do these trips inspire your art?
JM:  David Klinker (O&P co-founder) spends a lot of time in Spain, with a special attraction to the Granada region. I love adventures in Baja. To me, Baja is the last frontier, an area where traveling is as much about the journey as the destination. Our travels impact both the design and subject matters in our products. We both love a minimalist aesthetic, which is largely influenced by the design community in Europe. In terms of subjects, we tend to design for what we know, it creates a more authentic result that we hope resonates.



JOLYN: What is your favorite O&P print and why?
JM: Wow, that's a hard one. I love the VW prints because they remind of a great period in my life when I had my first car, a 1971 VW Squareback. Today, Orange and Park owns a 1973 VW Bus. It makes us smile, it's great. I also love Swellvetica. There's a playfulness to this print and the design is so uniquely David.


JOLYN: I need one for my bedroom... and office & bathroom & kitchen. Where can I shop the Orange & Park Collection?
JM: The best way is from our website We also have some great retailers. Please visit them, they are rad hard working people that we are so appreciative of them. Thank you, JOLYN, for the support! 

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