Claire Piampiano

West New York // // @jolynnewyork

Claire was born and raised in cloudy Rochester, NY. She has loved summer, swimming and everything water for as long as she can remember. From swimming to water skiing to paddle boarding and everything in-between, if it involves water she's there. Claire has been competitively swimming since grade school and graduated as a captain on the swim team for SUNY Oneonta where she swam all the events everyone dreads....distance freestlye/400 IM. Since then she has continued to stay active between swimming, running and yoga!! 


How'd she link up with the JOLYN crew?? "I discovered Jolyn suits early on in college and knew, when I ordered my first one, that I had landed on something amazing. I fell in love with the awesome colors & prints and FINALLYYYY a suit that keeps everything where its supposed to be!!!!! I was lucky enough to connect with Caren who helped me join this insanely awesome crew :)