Lexi Ueltzen

Colorado // lexi@jolynclothing.com // @jolyncolorado

Alexi (Lexi) Ueltzen is grew up in northern California to a family of outdoor enthusiasts. Vacations were backpacking trips, summers meant lifeguarding, polo, swim, and white water rafting, and winter was for skiing and snowshoeing (and more swimming). She has been part of a swim team–age group, high school, college, or masters–since she was 5 years old.

Lexi swam for Mills College and joined the master’s water polo community in Oakland, which also is where she discovered JOLYN. It’s been true love ever since. What more can you ask for in a bikini than killer prints and that it won’t get yanked off during a polo scrimmage?

Lexi now lives in Colorado and is busy exploring every inch of the state. When she’s not convincing everyone she knows to buy a JOLYN suit, she also enjoys open-water swimming, cycling, backpacking, skiing, and hikes with her dogs. She is currently testing her JOLYNs in the heavily-chlorinated indoor pools of Denver and they’re holding up great. Lexi is stoked to bring the JOLYN love to Colorado.