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Best-Selling Women's Swimwear, Bathing Suits & More

  • Hamit EStrella

JOLYN’s best selling athletic swimsuits for women

These swimsuits are best selling for a reason thanks to their comfortable fit and unique design, making them a popular choice among athletes. Our swimsuits are made for training and racing, for when you need a suit that’s tight - but comfortable - durable, and long lasting. Our athletic swimsuits were designed with swimmers, surfers and water polo players in mind, our styles come in fixed-back swimsuit and tie-back swimsuit designs, to give you the perfect fit for the moment. You can tighten our one-piece tie-back bathing suits for security during swim practice, then loosen for comfort during your cool down or when hanging out at the beach.

If you prefer to wear an athletic swimwear two-piece during swim practice, we offer both tie back swimsuit tops and fixed back swimsuit tops for training. Our athletic swim bottoms are made in a range of coverage options. We have full coverage swim bottoms all the way to cheeky bikini bottoms, and include drawstrings around the waist for the best women’s swimsuit bottoms that won’t fall off.