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Swim Tops

  • Dotsies Dotsies
  • Helen Helen
  • Dotsies Dotsies
  • Dotsies Helen
  • Estrella Estrella
  • Nineties Kid Nineties Kid
  • Ruggle Ruggle
  • Rosenbloom Rosenbloom
  • Black Black
  • Beach Beach
  • St Martin St Martin
  • Stoked Hamptons
  • Stranded Stranded
  • Joy Joy
  • Bon Vivant Bon Vivant
  • Franklin Franklin
  • Nineties Kid Nineties Kid
  • Nineties Kid Nineties Kid
  • Draught Draught
  • Wisteria Wisteria
  • Black & White Black & White
JOLYN swim tops can be paired with our swim bottoms to create your own unique two-piece swimsuit. Our swimming suit tops are made from high quality fabric and reinforced stitching which means they stand up to chlorine, saltwater, sun and the toughest workout you can dish out. We offer swimming tops in both fixed-back swim top and tie-back swim top styles. Our swim tops and two-piece swimsuits are great for swimming or exercising in the pool, surfing, paddle boarding or just hanging out.