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Blast from the past

We wanted to get some random pictures showing what life was like outside of the pool, but still represented our lifestyle relative to our sport(s).  Ashley was team captain for Berkeley water polo and sent me this Bridge Run pic.  If we only knew what they put their freshmen through back then...  I quit swimming and water polo way earlier - didn't retire - just burned out, so I inserted these old lifeguard photos from the New Zealand Airport during the exchange, and another from my home beach just after returning from boat training with the Kiwis in the other hemisphere. I'm the wussy sitting crew in the front - the driver is the one who earns recognition for the shot. Coincidentally, the guy with the dark hair at the airport, Tomas Bryant, is the boat driver in the boat pic.  He actually won some kind of crazy award for New Zealand Lifesaving while we were out there. Unfortunately I wasn't there to see it because I was out backpacking the country because of a broken heart over a lifeguard vixen from the  country's international team. Ugh.


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