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Our story

Our story

Our Mission

We are inspired by active women of all shapes, sizes and abilities. We envision a world where all women have confidence in their bodies and the courage to try new adventures.

Since day one, our mission has been to help women reach their goals and to have fun along the way. Not only do we make products that service this mission, but we also offer support through athlete sponsorships, scholarships and donations to teams.

JOLYN Our Mission

Our Roots

Over a decade ago, we reinvented women’s competitive swimwear, making it better fitting, more durable and as unique as the women who inspired us. With our heritage of designing high-performance swimwear for world class athletes we now make a range of sustainable swimwear that fits comfortably, stays put, and will last for years to come. Since the beginning, our one piece suits and bikinis have been thoughtfully designed with details such as adjustable tie back tops, drawstring bottoms and high-grade elastic to ensure they always stay put.

JOLYN Our Roots

Our Legacy

We believe that sustainability is about more than just making our suits from recycled materials. It is also about making products that will last. That is why we take the time to ensure our swimwear will last for years to come, not just one or two seasons. We use the highest quality fabrics and threads that are chlorine and saltwater resistant and will not fade in the sun. Construction details such as continuous band straps that evenly distribute tension and reinforced stitching at stress points also help ensure the longevity of our swimwear.

All JOLYN Surf Swimwear is made with fabric from recycled nylon fishing nets and other post-consumer nylon found in the ocean. By the end of 2024 all our Training Swimwear will also be made with recycled fabric that comes from recycled water bottles.

JOLYN Our Legacy