Training Suit Guide

Not sure which JOLYN training suit is right for you? Use our comparison chart to find the suit with the right amount of coverage and details to fit your personal style.

Training One-piece Suits
Our One-Piece suits come in a variety of coverage levels and strap details. Our tie-back strap styles offer a more custom fit.


Devon One-piece

Full coverage, fixed-back straps

Chevy One-piece

Medium coverage, fixed-back straps

Brandon One-piece 

Medium coverage, fixed-back straps

Jackson One-piece

Medium coverage, tie-back straps

Gavin One-piece

Medium coverage, hip cut-outs, tie-back straps

Raya One-piece

Medium coverage, fixed-back straps 

Murray One-piece

Medium coverage, double fixed-back straps

Perry One-piece

Slim coverage, fixed-back straps

Dayno One-piece

Slim Coverage, tie-back straps

Training Bikini Tops
Our training bikini tops come in fixed-back and tie-back options with different levels of support. All of our tops are designed to stay put no matter what the intensity of your activity.


Triangle Bikini Top 

Tie straps to give you a perfect, adjustable fit allows for top athletic performance. 

Vent Bikini Top

Tie straps for perfect fit, scooped neckline with keyhole front.

Tomcat Bikini Top

Tie straps scooped neckline with three vents. Good for larger chests. 

Fendrick Bikini Top

Fixed-back, doubles strap top that can double as a sports bra. Great for larger chests.

Grayson Bikini Top

Unique lace-up, tie-back top with scoop neck and good support.