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graphic-jolyn-design-squad YEW! We are lookin' for some cool JOLYN fans that want to contribute to the JOLYN design team. We want to form a DESIGN SQUAD aka Girls who like and wear JOLYN and want to be a part of a market research group via email.  This means you can be from wherever! International girls would be GREAT as well. Sweden + Norway + Australia + NZ + Japan + Etc, this means you too!  This way when we are creating clothing for you, and women just like you to wear, we can get some good feedback so that we can design the BEST clothing and swimwear for YOU!, OUR CUSTOMERS!  Please email us at          :)     EMAIL US 1) where you are from  2) your age 3) something about you i.e. if you play any sports or where you wear jolyn 4) what kind of fashion/brands you like i.e. lululemon, billabong, unit, abercrombie, urban outfitters           *note: this is non paid

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