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We have incredible fans. Check out a rad testimonial from Kristi Falco and some pictures of Corolla Ocean Rescue rocking our suits at the USLA Mid-Atlantic Regional Lifeguard Olympics. Thanks for repping Jolyn well ladies! And good luck to all the guards competing at the USLA National Lifeguard Championships this weekend in Manhattan Beach. Surf Rescue Post hi res Hey Jolyn Team, Kristi Falco from Corolla Ocean Rescue here again for another rave review of the Jolyn suits. I was lucky enough to be selected to compete in the USLA Mid-atlantic regional lifeguard olympics. While we were there, several of the Corolla women were getting super nice compliments on our Blueberry Jolyn screen printed uniforms. Several of the agencies asked for Jolyn’s website so they could organize their women’s uniform bikinis for next year. Also, Jolyn bikinis were strongly represented among the female athletes who were just wearing their own personal Jolyn suits, and of course all looked great. Yet Corolla was the first and only organization to have our logo screen printed onto the suits, and they turned out looking awesome. I again just wanted to tell you guys what a great job Jolyn does for pleasing their customers and creating an awesome product. This regionals event hosted organizations from Virginia Beach all the way to Jax Beach Florida, and Jolyn was represented within every single one.

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