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Yesterday I was invited to a brunch held by the site Citizens Of Culture and FactoryLA.  We were shown the video above and then asked to be part of the discussion about: the wastefulness of fast fashion (Forever 21 and the like) // poor manufacturing conditions oversees // ideas of how to help other California based designers succeed // monetary security vs. creative happiness //  and ways for the world to become more eco and socially conscious. Over the last few years, I have seen the idea of "eating right" (no GMOs, healthy and organic) spread to many of my friends and family.  People are now more than ever, aware of what they are putting into their body.  And YES, THIS IS GREAT!!! However....why aren't more people caring about what they are putting on their body?  Where is it being made? Are the factory employees being treated right? We want you to know:  Jolyn is a small growing company that was launched by a nice San Diegan lifeguard (Warren) who had a really great idea- to make high quality, highly functional suits that are (in my opinion) COOL.  He likes to be, and is, a big part of every step in the suit/clothing making process.   To stay connected to the customer needs and desires as well as staying on top of the quality and comfort, he sticks to his grass roots' mission of making JOLYN right near where he lives so that he can keep a close eye on the product.   Although some of our fabrics are knitted in Europe (because this is where many high quality fabrics are made, and want you to have long lasting suits), our company is based in Southern California and our manufacturers are here as well. We want you and the world around you to become more awake and socially conscious of what you buy.  Here are some more amazing brands to check out which are either made in America, sustainable, using organic fabrics or have a great message, or all of the above.  GOOD HYOUMAN, THE AMPAL CREATIVE, GROCERIES APPAREL, MOVMT, MODERN VICEB X LO JEWELRY, PAISLEY SOCKWEARCLARE VIVIER, REFORMATIONHELPSY, BLOOD IS THE NEW BLACK jolyn-usa-made-mallyce-swimwear

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