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home-immigre-both-blog MUSIC MUSE: IMMIGRE Music, like fashion, varies in style. Fortunately, Jasmine and Sanni Val Fleury of fashion forward DJ duo Immigré have stellar taste in both. Since teaming up in 2012, Immigré has quickly garnered a reputation as dynamic DJs, continually finding exciting ways to mix music and get the crowd's blood pumping. With growing buzz around their newly debuted remix of Saint Motel's "My Type," JOLYN caught up with the pair on their type of style, music & more. home-jasmine-blogWHAT ARE YOU WEARING? We chose our two favorite tops from the new JOLYN line: the Misfit in Black and the Vent in the Mallyce Collab Print in Slash. As we are different in shape and height, we find pieces that compliment our body types, with a hint of edge. Style wise, some of our faves are bold patterns, cut-outs, costume jewelry, and sequins (we can never have enough sequins). We always find ourselves gravitating toward the colors black and gold. Our looks are always cohesive but never too twins-y. home-immigre-dj-jolyn-sanniWHAT'S YOUR TYPE OF MUSIC? As DJs, our music is mostly female driven and international. We normally spin open format to drive anyone and everyone to the dance floor. We love exploring ways to mix and connect our favorites, no matter their geography, their genre, whether they're new or old, etc! A good song is a good song. That is part of what's great about being Millennials: openness, creativity, and empowerment. Dress how you want, listen to and play want you want. Whatever YOUR TYPE might be. WHAT'S NEXT? Our Autumn Mix also premieres this month, and a Winter Mix will be out for the year's end. We are looking forward to debuting more remixes in 2014, as well as spinning both in the US and abroad. Keep up with us on news and music at our site: 

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