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While away on my trip to Guatemala, I got lucky in meeting this pretty + pretty awesome backpacker buddy Katie Sioux Aqui8.  So we did an impromptu mini photoshoot.  Photography + Styling : Mallyce.  The garments that are featured below are:  POCK tank in BALMY, BIRDY, and DRIP.  TWIST tank in PINNER.  SPAZ top in KINDERGARTEN/MADCAT and JETSET bottom in DANGERCAT/ALLEYCAT.  Get your new Mallyce for Jolyn Swimwear Prints here.home-mallyce-heart home-mallyce-tank-drip home-mallyce-yoga home-mallyce-tropo-shorts home-mallyce-tropo-boat home-mallyce-dock-sitting home-mallyce-crush home-mallyce-heart home-mallyce-back-dock home-mallyce-jumping home-mallyce-store home-mallyce-flower-eyes home-mallyce-aqua-wall

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