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We just love hearing happy feedback from our customers!! Recently we received this rad email from Kristi Falco, along with pics from her recent adventures in Thailand! Greetings from Thailand! You may remember receiving a few emails from me this past summer- my Ocean Rescue organization in Corolla, North Carolina sported Jolyn suits as our uniforms this summer, and all of the girls adore them. I wanted yet again to sing your praises though for a different reason. I moved to a small island in Thailand after the Ocean Rescue season was over and am currently working as a divemaster. We take tourists diving on daytrips and live-aboards, sometimes doing 4-5 dives a day. Needless to say, I am constantly in my bikini. I brought with me only 4 bikinis, all of them being Jolyn suits, and I have worn them every single day since the moment I arrived in Thailand. And still, the suits are absolutely perfect for the active beach lifestyle I am living now. They are perfect suits to dive in (the water sometimes is so warm here you don't need a wetsuit), because they actually keep all your bits secured when you're getting in and out of your BCD. On the boat, I am always getting compliments from women about my bathing suits and where they can buy them. My friend from the UK just bought her first Jolyn too! I'm still running and swimming every day in my bikini, it has really now become a staple in my wardrobe, and the colors - even after two seasons of every day use - are still bright and nice. Thank you again for such great bikinis, and you can guarantee that all of Corolla Ocean Rescue will be rocking our Jolyns again this summer. IMGP0988IMGP1041  

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