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I just recently stumbled upon good-people-doing-good-things......or rather- the interesting humans that run DIGDEEP. What we love about our Jolyn customers are that most all of them are athletes, and therefore most often HEALTHY....Usually this comes with living a healthy lifestyle AND caring about the environment and the animals and beings that live in it.  Don't you agree?  Also, often times playing a sport means that you are a "team player" and therefore I'd assume - care about others, which brings me to tell you about DIGDEEP: "We’re a human rights non-profit making clean water more available and more sustainable in every community. In places without reliable water access, we empower communities to build sustainable water access projects that measurably improve human rights standards like gender equality and access to education. In places that already have access to clean water, our education programs help people better understand and care for their water resources. " For more about them here. There are people living in the US without running water at home. DIGDEEP is bringing clean water to 250 American homes for the first time, ever. For more on The Navajo Water Access Project: Videographers: Samuel Garcia Sanchez, Andy Patch . Editor: Charles . Music: "Brother" by Lord Huron

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