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This video was recommended by Olivia and YOU NEED TO WATCH IT: Olivia Bormann I'm a junior and a Philosophy major at Santa Clara University. During the summer I lifeguard at home at Los Angeles Pierce College. I played water polo for 2 years in high school and I've been swimming for about 5 years. Now I swim with my club team in college.
- What's the most inspiring race you've ever seen: It's a mix between sad and inspiring but the video of Derek Redmond's dad helping him across the finish line at the '92 Olympics. It's inspiring that he got up to finish, but also that his dad came to help him. It exemplifies how even at your lowest there's always someone there to pick you up and help you, that at the end of the day people want you to succeed and do your best. (The video shown above)
- If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would they be: Sunscreen, fishing gear, and my best friend
- What beach is on your list to go to: Los Roques in Venezuela
- If you were 60 years old, what would you tell your children: Try everything because you never know what you'll like. It's better to try something (activities, food, whatever) and find you don't like it that to never try it at all -- you could be missing out on great things!
- What's your favorite JOLYN color: Papaya
- What's your favorite JOLYN style and why: I like the bright colors because I feel like they embody my personality, but at the same time I'm loving the new prints -- especially Maui and Jungle!
-What motivates you: That anything is possible, if you push yourself you can achieve what you set your mind to. It will take hard work but the satisfaction that comes from accomplishing something and being able to say "I did that" motivates me.
- If you had to be an animal, what would you be and why: Mermaid, because, mermaids...
- What activities do you do in JOLYN: Swimming, aqua aerobics, and if I'm doing a land workout before I swim I'll wear my tops as sports bras!
- What book would you recommend to our readers: The Art of War by Sunzi. It's an ancient Chinese text and although it's explicitly about warfare, the advice given can be transferred to everyday life, e.g. understanding your strengths and weaknesses, being adaptable to all sorts of situation, act after having made assessments.
- What inspires you: Seeing people accomplish their dreams, knowing that with hard work I can do the same
- What is something that nobody knows about you: When I was little I had an outie belly button but since I was made fun of so much for it I kept pushing it and made it an innie
- What would you spend your last $10 on: A cheeseburger and an oreo milkshake
- What is your signature dish in the kitchen: Oreo cookies baked inside chocolate chip cookies!
- What is your favorite workout or gym exercise: Squats all day long, forever trying to get the perfect booty
- What is your most embarrassing moment you're willing to admit: I have the most absurd laugh because I snort really hard so every time I snort-laugh in front of someone for the first time it's the most embarrassing moment all over again
- Any last words or testimonial? It's kind of corny but be open, honest, and don't be afraid to speak your mind.

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