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We are loving this shoot by Amaya Barnes of swimmer and water polo player Kirsten Depauw.  She has an awesome JOLYN collection and looks amazing in them, so we wanted to post it here.  You can find them on instagram at @kirstii_depauw and @amaya_photos From Kirsten "I love love love JOLYN because the colors are so bright and happy! I love how I can go to swim practice and have a cute two piece that I can practice and tan in without falling off! I always look forward to seeing the new prints so I can add more to my obsession collection ;) They are by far my favorite clothing to wear ever! <3" Thanks Kirsten & Amaya!!! -JOLYN kirsten-blog-arms-full kirsten-blog-borabora kirsten-blog-doughnut kirsten-blog-jump kirsten-blog-ladykirsten-blog-hangkirsten-blog-maui kirsten-blog-seafoamkirsten-blog-collection

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