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Women's water polo national team athlete! Go USA!!
instagram tag: @carolclarkus

- If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would they be:
1) Satellite communication to get saved of course! 2) Chapstick 3) My Jolyn two piece to ensure a great tan!
- What's your favorite beach that you have been to:
My favorite beach is probably Waikiki in Oahu. It's a little touristy for me, but I have way too many amazing memories there. My club team played in the Hawaiian Invitational every summer so my memories are with all of my best friends playing water polo and vacationing together!
- What beach is on your list to go to: Not sure if it qualifies as a beach but I'd love to explore Big Sur.
- Who is your favorite athlete: My favorite athlete is each and every one of my teammates on Team USA. It's not corny if it's true!
- If you were 60 years old, what would you tell your children: How much I love them.
- What is the craziest thing you have ever done: Skydiving in my Jolyn!!
- What's your favorite JOLYN color: I LOVE my beach vent top! But I've got my eye on the new army color...
- What's your favorite JOLYN style and why: My go-to Jolyn combo is a solid color vent with either my banded bottoms or an adorable print in the Brazil bottoms! I've got big shoulders so I need the adjustable straps and I'm a sucker for little coverage on the bottom... cheeky bottoms- I'm comin' for ya!
- If you had to be an animal, what would you be and why: A horse! I rode horses competitively for 10 years before choosing water polo. I love horses. I was that girl, at recess, galloping around the playground. Hehe. No shame!
- What activities do you do in JOLYN: Water polo, swimming, yoga, skydiving ;)
- How do you like to cross train? or What is your favorite cross training activity: With the amount of time we spend training as a national team both in the water and in the weight room, there's really no time to cross train. I'm looking at getting into some gentle yoga to help my body recover and hopefully gain some flexibility.
- What book would you recommend to our readers: The Magicians, by Lev Grossman. It's like Harry Potter meets Chronicles of Narnia, but a little darker. Can you tell I'm a fantasy nerd?
- What is something that nobody knows about you: I can sing the ABC's backwards! "Z, y, x, w..."
- What is your signature dish in the kitchen: I don't have one (yet) but my boyfriend makes THE BEST Brussels sprouts.
- What is the hardest thing you've ever experienced: My sister was diagnosed with Bipolar I during the Christmas holiday in 2008. Mental Illness is a very scary thing to be told you have, and to deal with on a daily basis. The way she represents her illness and her fight to eliminate the stigma behind mental illness is truly inspirational. I love you Christie!
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