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Q + A with : Sophia Lochan image1-22
I am 14 years old and go to R.Roger Rowe school in Rancho Santa Fe. I swim for North Coast Aquatics, and my favorite stroke is breaststroke!
1.Favorite beach: Manly Beach, Australia
2.Favorite athlete: Missy Franklin
3.What would you tell your kids at 60: never give up and stay determined. 
4. Favorite JOLYN color: watermelon
5. Favorite JOLYN style: tie back onesies because they are good at practice, the tie back is good when it gets stretched out  and they are very cute!
6.what motivates me: mostly my team mates pushing me and challenging me. 
7. Activities in JOLYN: swimming, surfing. 
8. Most inspiring race: one of our swim meets, a man who was part of a war had no legs and raced a freestyle event, and just kept going. 
9. If I had to be an animal: a dog so I could live with people and still have fun! 
10. 3 things on bucket list: go to Europe with my best friend, go sky diving, and to travel the whole world. 

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