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Swimmer, Polo Player, Ironman, Marathon Runner, Coach & Physical Therapist in Training... Sydney is special to Jolyn because she was one of our first swimsuit models! While she was wrapping up her incredibly successful water polo career at UCSD, Syd played a key role designing and modeling our very first suits.

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After graduating from UCSD in 2009, Sydney played for the Adelaide Jets in South Australia in 2010. She continues to fuel her competitive spirit through participation in a variety of land and water events including the Tough Mudder and the Spartan Sprints. In June, Sydney completed her very first triathlon which just happened to be an Ironman! She finished Idaho's Coeur D'Alene Ironman in 13:53.20 with a stress fracture in her cuboid bone in her left foot! After her foot healed, she ran the Authentic Marathon in Athens Greece on Nov. 9th and finished in 3:45 which is her second fastest marathon and finished in the top 5%. In 2015, she looks forward to her first Boston Marathon where she hopes to beat her qualifying time of 3:27 which she posted at the Carlsbad Marathon in January. In addition to being an athlete, Sydney is the Assistant Coach for the Ventura College Women's Swimming and Water Polo teams. She also referees high school and age group water polo games. She personal trains and teaches workout classes, such as V-HIT (high intensity training), TRX body blast and Spin Fusion at V-FIT Studio in Ventura. We're not sure where Sydney finds the time in her crazy schedule but she also works at Ventura Orthopedics as a physical therapy aide and is going to school to finish some pre-requisites in order to apply to physical therapy school next fall! Lastly, Sydney is part of an awesome non-profit organization dedicated to helping today's youth beat cancer.  The Young and Brave Foundation aims to help brave fighters and their families overcome the challenges and hardships they face. In addition to providing financial support, the Young and Brave, a group of athletes from all walks of life that compete in events across the globe to promote advocacy, awareness and support the vision of the Young and Brave Foundation, are dedicated to inspire, encourage, inform, as well as to invest directly into treatment and recovery. Sydney is a charter member of Team YoungBrave. Team YoungBrave is a group of athletes from all walks of life that compete in events all across the globe train and compete for those who can’t and fight for those that shouldn't fight alone. The Young and Brave Foundation


What’s your favorite beach that you have been to: This is seriously a hard question! The red sand beaches of Santorini in Akrotiri were absolutely amazing. Tulum in the Yucatan Peninsula was so serene and gorgeous. Aruba was so peaceful and relaxing. The beaches of Boca Del Toro in Panama are warm and inviting!  

Who is your favorite athlete: Is it bad I don't have a favorite athlete because I don't follow anything too much?

What are 3 things on your bucket list: Run the Great Wall of China Marathon, Run the Antartica Marathon and travel to the French Polynesian Islands 

What’s your favorite JOLYN color: Ocean, Seafoam, Cabernet....Print: Heathered colors and Black Tide 

What’s your favorite JOLYN style and why: The Uniform Top is like a sports bra and the two straps are fused together in the back.  I absolutely love this top because it is so dynamic. I can swim, run, hike or bike in it. It is my go-to tops for when I travel and take vacation in case I will be active or if I'm enjoying some sun or on a hike and decide to jump in the water! I like the Brazil and Band bottoms because they are comfortable, function and make the booty look good!! 

What motivates you: Being young, happy and healthy motivates me.  I'm a person that doesn't know how to slow down and relax most of the time, which isn't always a good thing. What I consider my down time to be is my work out times!  Whether it is 30 minutes or 10 hours, I enjoy every minute of it and the chance to de-stress from whatever crazy schedule I may have for the day or the week. I have very motivational friends as well, that keep me accountable to staying healthy and  fit. Now being a Team YoungBrave supporter, I feel honored and privileged to be healthy and I want to make the most of each day and moment,  because you never know when it could be your last. 

What would you spend your last $10 on: Ice cream!!! 

What activities do you do in JOLYN: What don't I do... That is all I wear. I do: Masters Swim practice, water polo, recreational swim, run, hike, play beach volleyball, triathlons, wash the cars and the dog, lounge on the beach for tanning. 

What is your signature dish in the kitchen: Fried Rice - What is your favorite workout or gym exercise: My favorite workout is when I have time to do some sort of cardio and strength all in one go! I love to run hills and finish on flats along our ocean front in Ventura. I always enjoy a morning swim. I absolutely love doing a stadium workout with all body weight legs and arm exercises available. And I always get my 2 days of boxing in! My competitive drive keeps me wanting more and I love the challenge of the Tough Mudder and Spartan Sprint races! 

What is your favorite holiday destination: Anywhere near the water! I love the beach, especially if it warm Caribbean water! Anywhere, where I can be close to my family and loved ones. I would like to  do a holiday in Europe one day. Going to Greece these last few weeks was my first taste ever of Europe and I can't wait to go adventure and explore some more one day down the road.

Any last words or testimonial? I am so proud of Jolyn for blossoming and growing from the ground up! Being one of the first models and creative support for Warren, it brings me great joy to see the success of the company. I used to test suits for him in the water all times of day and go to the seamstress' house super late at night, just to get a pin   in the right spot on a person! Being a very active member of the aquatics family, I am over the moon excited when I walk onto any pool deck no matter where  in California or out of the state or even out of the country to see all females in Jolyn apparel. I love the idea behind being fashionably active. I always say that  boredom is a state of mind. If that is where your mind is drifting, go outside and play. Get some air, move and do something. I guarantee being active will bring a smile to your face! My motto is: If you LOVE who you are, LOVE who you are with and LOVE what you do, life becomes limitless!

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