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We caught up with this lovely lady, Stephanie Lynn while she was out in Hawaii.  She is not only an actress, but a very talented singer/songwriter that you should have a listen to <HERE>      @stephanielynnmusic Singer, songwriter, actor, AND stunning? Can we say QUADRUPLE threat? At first glance actress and singer-songwriter, Stephanie Lynn, seems like another sweet girl-next-door but after listening to her music, you see that she is so much more than meets the eye. An eclectic blend of folk-pop Americana, her songs are filled with raw stories and emotions that draw you into the world of this "Green Mountain Girl". Stephanie grew up in an old farm house in Vermont, the "Green Mountain State", and was raised with an appreciation for nature, healthy living and smiling at people. Always politically minded and earth conscious, Stephanie aspires to effect positive change in the world through her art by tapping into and expressing the more complicated aspects of the human experience. Stephanie started her music career singing acapella at the University of Pennsylvania. Her first song release was part of a campaign to raise money for Vermont Long Term Disaster Recovery following the devastation caused by hurricane Irene. Also an actress, seen on CBS's "How I Met Your Mother" and NBC's "Castle", Stephanie can also be found singing and running across the country in national Nike ad campaign "I would run to you" ( Shot by artist @brydenlando from brydenlando.comIMG_9130IMG_8823IMG_8950steph-makena1IMG_8801IMG_9466

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