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Hannah Lemkemime2 Runner and fitness model who just completed her nursing degree. Claims she has chosen the right career path as she loves blood, guts, puss and anything gruesome! Instagram: @hannahlemke If you were stranded on an island and could only bring 3 things, what would they be: My boyfriend on a boat, H2o and banana's!!! What's your favourite beach that you have been to: Hastings Point, NSW. It is a deserted white sandy beach with crystal clear water, perfect for a candy cane coloured umbrella. What's your favorite JOLYN style and why: My favourite JOLYN's would be the ASPHALT TRIANGLE TOP! There's nothing you can't do in it. What motivates you: Picture this: Running on a hot summers morning, along a footpath filled with amazing homes and happy exercising people. 10 km's later you have reached the end of your journey, undoing the laces of your shoes, running through soft, delicate sand and hitting 22 degree water. All of a sudden all your woes have sunk. That's what motivates me. What is your favorite workout or gym exercise: I adore running. No other form of exercise gives me the same endorphins as running does. I think its the simplicity of it, that has me hooked. The beauty of lacing up your shoes and heading straight out the door, there is no better feeling than being completely free. What inspires you: The elderly inspire me. I look up to them and always wonder what have they done in their lives to get to where they are now. What is something that nobody knows about you: Not telling :p What is your signature dish in the kitchen: I make a delicious Greek salad and that's all i'm good for :) What would you spend your last $10 on: One skim latte, a protein ball and a banana. Any last words or testimonial?  Eat lots of bananas, mangos, don't have more than three coffees a day, swallow your vitamins and smile at everyone you see (All these things will keep the doctor away). Hannahhannah2 IMG_7939Hannah 3 IMG_7942IMG_7936IMG_7941 IMG_7899IMG_7933IMG_7940

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