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News article, 3 Exercises to Help You Avoid Injury

For all us water and land lovers out there, check out this blog post from BridgeAthletic on preventing some of the most injury prone areas of the body; back, shoulders, and knees. Along with some background on mobility, stability, muscle imbalances and excessive load bearing they include videos so you know you're doing the exercises right. BridgeAthletic is amazing, forward thinking group of minds that create strength programs for some of the best athletes in the swimming and water polo world. It is centered around a cloud-based phone app and a website which allows the BridgeAthletic staff to input workouts or an athlete's coach. The app allows for customized training routines, data tracking, and leaderboards and rankings that allow athletes to compare themselves to teammates. Vacation has a whole new meaning when a coach can send you workouts!

More background on BridgeAthletic and co-founder, Nick Folker via Swim Swam:  Nick Folker leaves Cal to Reach Bigger Audience with BridgeAthletic Fitness Tech Company

Photo Cred: BridgeAthletic Blog

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