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Sprint workout plan by JOLYN swimwear

 This quick DRY LAND (not swim ;)) sprint workout is brought to you by the lovely women of CHAARG

Here's what you do: Set up 10 meters + grab a timer. The first minute -- you'll sprint 10 meters + then *rest* for the reminder of the minute. Next minute? Sprint 20 meters + then rest. Every minute, you'll add 10 meters! Your goal should be to get to minute #15 [150 meters!]. Tag your running bud + get ta sprinting! This is a perfect extra burn after a lift or after a low intensity run.

CHAARG is an awesome organization that aims to ignite a passion in college-aged girls for health and fitness. The goal of CHAARG is to liberate girls from the elliptical and show them that fitness can be fun! We all have different ideas of what type of exercise is "fun" and CHAARG university chapters partner with local studios to lead workouts, whether it be CrossFit, Pure Barre, or salsa dancing. They offer something for everyone. Once a CHAARG member you become part of a community of support to keep you motivated. Check to see if your university has a CHAARG chapter!

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