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5 Tips For Staying Fit During The Holidays

Girl Holding Cookies Over Face Wearing Activewear

The holidays are here and we could not be more excited to blast Mariah Carey, sip lattes out of red coffee cups and spend time with everyone we love.

But, the holidays can also throw your regular routine out of whack. This can be a much-needed vacay, but can also make it really hard to get back to normal life on January 2nd. 

That’s why we created 5 easy-to-follow tips that will have you feeling in the holiday spirit without losing sight of your #fitness goals.

Tip #1: Try Holiday Healthy Food Hacks 

This is the perfect time to cope with the chilly weather by cozying up with delicious treats. And, the fact that pumpkin spice is a limited-edition flavor pretty much everywhere means you’ve got to partake. 

Here’s the thing: you totally should treat yourself and you should definitely not feel bad about it. Just try to balance it out with healthy choices too. 

When it makes sense, rotate in healthier swaps like peppermint tea instead of a peppermint hot chocolate, or this Pumpkin Pie Smoothie (it even has vanilla protein powder to make it a post-workout reward). 

Tip #2: Feast Don’t Fast

Say what? Yup, that’s right, don’t skip meals during the holidays to “save up” for a big meal. First, because you want to keep regularly feeding those muscles you’ve been working so hard on all year to keep them powerful and toned. 

Second, because portion control will be your real BFF on holidays like Thanksgiving, and neglecting your healthy breakfast makes it much harder not to over do it once you get to the main event. 

Tip #3: Squeeze in Exercise 

Whether you’re stuck in a hotel room or caught talking to your chatty Aunt Beth, it’s way too easy to skip the gym during the holidays. 

But, don’t worry, there are a ton of holiday-ready workouts to get your muscles going and your heart rate up without even leaving the kitchen.

If that means doing squats while you wait for the water to boil or trying this chair-back barre routine, do what you gotta do to get your sweat on. 

Honestly, there’s nothing more motivating than cute workout clothes. So, get yourself a festive fit to wear all season long. 

Tip #4: Get Your Beauty Rest

Not gonna lie, the holidays can be just as stressful as they are fun. This is a major downside because stress equals less sleep, which throws your body out of whack. 

Plus, if you have some time off from full-training mode, it’s the perfect time to give your body the rest it needs to crush it again when you get back in the pool or to the gym.

If stressful situations pop up, try doing a guided meditation or simply walking into another room and taking some quiet time to just breathe. It’s amazing how much these kinds of mindset resets will leave you feeling in a better place when your head hits the pillow at night. 


Tip #5: Drink Lots of Water

Okay, this isn’t exactly a holiday fitness tip because you should always be drinking lots of water, but it can be even easier to forget when you’re running between Black Friday sales and your neighborhood cookie exchange. If you need to get a super-cute water bottle to motivate you, we support it!

Girl Holding Water Bottle Wearing Sweatshirt

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  • Keep moving.
    Be the man or woman with a plan. And hydrate.
    Make lists, exercise early and sleep.
    Expect the unexpected.
    Be creative and get rid of ‘all or nothing’ mindsets.
    Plan – and remember there is always time and opportunity for a workout.
    Indulge for a night, not a season.
    Remember it’s a single day.
    thanks for the sharing
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