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"I like to eggbeater"- USA Goalkeeper


Sami Hill, American water polo goalkeeper in a JOLYN water polo swimsuit
Nickname: Sam
Instagram: @sami_i_amm
 What keeps you motivated to be active and healthy?
Being part of the Senior National Team means being pushed to your absolute limit every single day, so you almost have no choice but to keep your body in a place where it can perform at a high level.
Sami Hill, American water polo goalkeeper in a JOLYN water polo swimsuit
 What is your favorite dryland workout? 
A good run is always a challenge for me. Since the majority of my training is in the pool, running is excellent cross training that works my muscles in a different way than in the water.
 What is your favorite water work out? 
Since I am a goalie, leg strength is one of the main focuses of my training. My favorite leg set would have to be filling up large arrowhead jugs of water (like the ones you would see in a dentist or doctors office) and emptying it out as you eggbeater. This requires you to continue working your legs until the entire bottle is empty. I like this set because it helps you improve your leg strength and endurance.
Sami Hill, American water polo goalkeeper in a JOLYN water polo swimsuit
 What activities do you do in JOLYN:
I wear my one piece Jolyn suit almost every day to practice, and wear my two piece to the beach! I love how they can double as a workout suit as well as a suit for leisure.
 What's your favorite JOLYN color:
 Hot pink! I love the color, plus it makes me look really tan ;)
 What's your favorite style suit:
My favorite suit is the Jordy Tie Back Onesie because I am able to adjust the straps how I prefer them, which comes in handy during training.


Sami Hill, American water polo goalkeeper in a JOLYN water polo swimsuit


 Who is your favorite athlete?
My favorite athlete is Michael Jordan. Growing up I would watch the movie Space Jam every single day, and I just think he is an amazing example of excellence in work ethic and commitment.
 What is the craziest thing you have ever done?
I went cage shark diving in Hawaii with my sister Kodi last year. It was amazing, but I can’t believe I actually got myself to do it!


 What would we find in your refrigerator right now?
Hummus. I cannot live without it, you can eat anything with it! I like all different kinds, but my favorite is roasted pine nut.
 What nail polish color are you?
I am definitely a bright, in-your-face nail color kind of girl. Ill most likely go for the reds or pinks in the nail salon.
 What motivates you? 
My family. As the oldest of four children, I have always felt the need to be an example to my sisters and my brother. I am extremely family-oriented and because of that I lean on them tremendously for support in everything I do. They motivate me to not only be a better athlete, but a better person as well.


 What book would you recommend to our readers?  
I would recommend: Wooden: A Lifetime of Observations On and Off the Court. I have read this book 3 times and I just absolutely love it. John Wooden is one of the most legendary men in the world of sport, and this book really struck a chord with me as an athlete. It is a phenomenal read.
 What is your signature dish in the kitchen?
My favorite meal in the entire world is chili and cornbread, so when my mom gave my a crockpot for Christmas it made it that much easier to make! My mom taught me how to make chili and it is my absolute favorite. Plus it is so easy to switch up the ingredients, you can make it so many different ways!
What is the most important part of a sandwich?
The bread! It’s the base of the sandwich, so its gotta be good!

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