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by Rebecca Parsons

With Halloween just around the corner we thought you might need some last minute help. Here are 11 ocean inspired costume ideas 

    1. Sea Star: First, pick your favorite color. This month ours is pink! Then, get two pieces of fabric and cut out life-size stars. Sew them together, but make sure to leave room for your head and arms. If you’re not so slick with a needle and thread try a cardboard cutout. Put on an all pink outfit with your star over it and badabing badaboom you’ve transformed into a sea star! 

      Ocean inspired costumes, jellyfish
    2. Snorkeler: Put on some black tights and a black long sleeve shirt and layer your favorite Jolyn over it. Grab a facemask, snorkel, and if you feel so bold, a pair of flippers.

    3. Lifeguard: This look is so classic we could do it in our sleep. It’s all about the red t-shirt, straw hat, and some Zinc under your eyes. Can’t forget the Zinc.

    4. Mermaid: Because who doesn’t want to be a mermaid? If you’ve got long, flowing hair, a seashell bra, and a tail you’re good to go! 

      Ocean inspired costumes, mermaid
    5. Great Pacific Garbage Patch: You know that blob of trash as large as the U.S. that floats around in the ocean? People might not know what you are, but we will. Just tape or safety pin a bunch of garbage to your clothes. Go heavy on the plastic.

    6. Clownfish: Aka Nemo. Unless you’re a sewing expert you might want to visit a costume store for this one. But it’s sure to impress. Or if you’re feeling extra silly you could find any fish costume and paint your face like a clown. We’re just saying.

      Ocean inspired costumes, Nemo
    7. Jellyfish: This costume is so cute yet so easy! Find yourself a clear umbrella. Hang strips of bubble wrap, streamers, and even ribbon from the edge. Get some battery-powered lights to make your jelly stand out in the night. Lastly, dress in all white and whatever you do, don’t forget the umbrella! 

      Ocean inspired costumes, jellyfish
    8. Pirate: White puffy shirt, eye patch, hat, combat boots. You know the drill.

    9. Narwhal: We recommend you wear an all gray outfit, maybe a sparkly silver dress if you’ve got one. But it’s all about the tusk. You’ve got to make a good tusk. You’ll probably be mistaken for a unicorn the entire night, but that’s okay. You can even buy a giant foam whale or shark costume, add a tusk with lights and paint rainbows on your face

      Ocean inspired costumes, shark
    10. Penguin: Find some black pants and a black sweatshirt. Sew some extra large eyeballs (the bigger the cuter) and beak onto the hood. Cut out a large oval of white fabric and sew or safety pin it to the front of the sweatshirt. Wear some of those yellow kitchen gloves on your feet for the finishing touch!


      Ocean inspired costumes, penguin
    12. Tacky Tourist: Put on some Bermuda shorts, the loudest Hawaiian shirt you can find, a wide-brimmed hat, and socks with sandals. Carry around a map or a camera for that extra touch. Your dad probably has something you can borrow. 

      Ocean inspired costumes, beach tacky tourists
    13. If you have any awesome photos of you wearing jolyn in your costume, send them to to be featured on our blog.

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