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Swimsuit Malfunction!

by Rebecca Parsons


We sat down with five water athletes and asked them about their worst swimsuit malfunction. Check out what they had to say:


Kaila Pearson

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA
Rowing; SUP Surfing
“I continuously don't know where to hide my car key so I just tie it onto my Jolyn top, front and center. After I surf, my hands are too cold to untie the key from my top! So, with my board under my right arm, I squat down and try to open my car door with the key still attached to my chest. I'm sure it looks really weird!”
Kaila Pearson, bathing suit malfunction



Ashleigh Bandimere

Hometown: Carlsbad, CA
Water polo
“Once I had my suit ripped open from under my armpit all the way down to the seam at my hip. We were in the middle of a possession so I had to try to keep playing while holding my suit together, which was pretty entertaining.”
Ashleigh Bandimere, bathing suit malfunction




Leslie Reynolds

Hometown: High Point, NC
Swim; Water polo; Rowing; CrossFit
“My swimsuit dropped to my ankles when I went tubing in Baden Lake!”
Leslie Reynolds, bathing suit malfunction



Halie Harrison

Hometown: Hawaii Kai, HI
When I was back home this summer on Oahu I was with my sister at the infamous Sandy Beach, playing around and body surfing in the shore break. One of the waves I went for washing machined me really hard and my bottoms literally feel down to my ankles. In that second I really thought I was going to be leaving the beach bottomless.”
Halie Harrison, bathing suit malfunction



Mikaela Dueker

Hometown: San Juan Capistrano, CA
Surfing; Running; Yoga
“My worst bathing suit malfunction would be my bottoms slipping down while duck diving and coming up to the surface mooning the entire beach. I love being able to surf in a bikini as much as I can but having to constantly pull up my bottoms after every duck dive is not worth it most of the time.”
Mikaela Dueker, bathing suit malfunction



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