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8 Best Winter Surfing Spots :: Expert —> Beginner

Just because winter is approaching doesn’t mean you have to give up your love of surfing. Here are the ten best winter surfing destinations around the globe.


 1. SUPER TUBES - Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa  (Expert)


With the some of the best tube surfing in the world, it’s no wonder it’s a surfer’s paradise. But these tubes and waves aren’t for the faint of heart—so be sure you’re up for it!

Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa

[Photograph Courtesy Of Holiday Bug]


2. PIPELINE - Oahu, HI (Expert)

Hawaii Pipeline is a fixture on the surf tour circuit for a reason. It’s one of the heaviest waves in the world, but it’s also one of the deadliest, so chances are you’re probably not good enough to surf here yet. Hell, you may never be, but keep practicing.


[Photograph Courtesy Of Backpacker's Hawaii]


3. PUERTO ESCONDIDO - Oaxaca, Mexico (Intermediate)

This is known to many as the Mexican Pipeline. Huge waves, a gorgeous beach and a lot of surfing competitions. What else do you need? Oh wait, how about some tacos?


[Photograph Courtesy Of 4actionsport]


4. BLACK’S BEACH - La Jolla, Ca (Intermediate)

The southern point is known to surfers as one of the most powerful and best surf breaks in Southern California. There, you can find an underwater canyon that funnels huge swells for consistent waves.

BLACK’S BEACH - La Jolla, Ca

[Photograph Courtesy Of Places to See in Your Lifetime]


5. GOLD COAST - Queensland, Australia (Intermediate)

This beach has some of the best waves in the world. It is truly a surfer’s paradise. In the morning, the wind tends to come from the East and surfers are sure to get a wave.

GOLD COAST - Queensland, Australia

[Photograph Courtesy Of Queensland Photo]


 6. EL PORTO - Manhattan Beach, Ca (Beginner)

This spot is a great beginner to intermediate surf spot. The waves are reliable and though they aren't the biggest, they are constant and super fun to ride!

EL PORTO - Manhattan Beach, Ca

[Photograph Courtesy Of Surf Wanderer]


7. WAIKIKI - Honolulu, HI (Beginner)

This is a great place to learn to surf. The water is warm, the waves aren’t harsh and the rides are super long, so when you get up, you can enjoy the extended ride!

WAIKIKI - Honolulu, HI

[Photograph Courtesy Of Gona Minori]


8. SANTA CATARINA, Brazil (Beginner)

This surfer’s playground is due to the great regularity and variety of its waves. Beautiful beaches surround this epic surf. You’ll be sure to enjoy yourself whether in the surf or on the sand.


[Photograph Courtesy Of Flight Network]

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