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When out of the water, you spend most of your time on the internet, right? Here are some cool blogs we like that you might want to check out.

by Rebecca Parsons

We’re stoked you love the JOLYN blog, but we thought you might want to mix it up a little bit.  Here are some of our favorites!  

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 Goldfish Kiss

This blog is headed up by graphic designer, Rebekah Steen, and it is oh so aesthetically appealing.  She’s all about coastal living and it’s hard to find an image that doesn’t feature sand, water, or blue skies.  Plus it’s got everything we could ask for from art to travel, health/fitness, and even style and beauty tips.  Did we mention she just gave birth to the cutest baby boy you’ve ever seen?  Count us in!

Rebekah Steen walking on the beach

Healthy & Happy

Because who doesn’t want to be healthy and happy?  This one’s got all sorts of tips and recipes for clean eating (with the best pictures), workout plans, and some motivation for those days when you just don’t feel like getting off the couch.

Haute in Miami

Run by the Orchid Boutique, they’ve got a little bit of everything.  Our favorite part is the swim section.  There’s a top viewed content section with awesome features including styles for 2016, swimsuit sizing advice, and what kind of suit is the most flattering for your body type.


woman by the pool in a bikini holding a glass of champagne


Erin is a self-claimed emotional eater who lost 30 pounds in the span of a year through healthy eating and exercise.  Now, she competes in bikini competitions, is a certified personal trainer, and a fitness model.  Her blog follows her active lifestyle and includes workouts, nutritious recipes, and all around tips for healthy living.

Hello Fashion

We understand you can’t wear your Jolyn everywhere you go.  Here, South American, Chirstine Andrew, speaks to “the everday woman,” offering style inspiration to have you dressed for every occasion.  From images of her in a striking ballroom gown to a cover up at the beach, she’s always looking fab.  And, she’s got some of her incredible pieces for sale!

Surf Like A Girl

In a male dominant sport it’s nice to rep some girl power from time to time.  Friends Rebecca, Stef, and Annie head up this blog in order to celebrate girls who surf, skate, and snowboard.  It’s full of fun tidbits like interviews with professional female surfers, how to be an environmentally friendly surfer, video clips, and so much more. 

Alana Blanchard

Isn’t she everyone’s favorite pro surfer and bikini model?  In her blog, Alana posts picture upon picture of her in her rockin’ bikinis, images of killer surf trips, and of course, her gorgeous hometown of Princeville, Kauai. 

woman by the pool in a bikini holding a glass of champagne

101 Cookbooks

In her blog, Heidi Swanson displays beautifully prepared meals with a strong focus on natural whole foods.  Her recipes are organized by season, ingredients, type of cuisine, and even meal times.  Finding the perfect recipe has never been so easy!  Careful to pace yourself or you might just find you’ve emptied your pantry. 

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