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USD Alumna, Nurse, and Adventurer: Brittany Tall

Motivational Monday with Brittany Tall
Nickname: Britt   B-Tall
Instagram: @brittany_tall
Brittany Tall water skiing
I am a University of San Diego alumna who works in emergency medicine. I love waking up stoked to go to work everyday, and want to become an NP or PA.  I feel very fortunate to also work as a model.
My closest friends and boyfriend mean everything to me. I'm passionate about caring for others in the health field, being healthy, active and adventurous.
Exercise always puts me in a great mood since I'm doing something great for myself, and that feeling carries over into my day. If I ever think about skipping my exercise, I think about the joy of movement I feel, and lightness and agility after I do them. That always motivates me to lace up my shoes or grab my yoga mat and get moving.
Brittany Tall and friend snowboarding
Favorite workout?
The best workouts are always the ones where you don’t even realize you are working out because it's so fun. Snowboarding or a hip hop dance workout are my favorites.
Favorite water workout?
My favorite water workout is surfing- nothing beats how refreshing being in the ocean feels, catching a great wave, getting some sun and good laughs with friends.
Brittany Tall and friend on paddle boards
Where do you wear JOLYN?
I definitely wear JOLYN for my ocean swims in La Jolla cove, surfing and lap swimming of course... anything in the water!
Favorite suit?
I love the Matty Top in any color but my favorites are the blues, greens, and cabernet!  The top makes me feel really supported and the onesies are all great too because of that same feeling of being totally held in.

Brittany Tall sailing with a friend
Favorite beach?
 Paia Bay In Maui  or Mallorca in Spain- can't pick one!  I want to go to Australia- so I'll need to do some research on beaches there.
What's at the top of your bucket list?
 See all the natural wonders of the world
What's your signature dish?
 I make a mean stir fry and my lettuce wraps are insanely good.
Brittany Tall sailing on a diving board
Who motivates you?
My grandma.  She was a nurse in a womens' jail, a piano player, a stock investor, a swimmer and a great listener. She is always on my mind and motivates me every day.
If you could be an animal, what would you be?
I would be a dolphin that lives in Tahiti and has a lot of dolphin friends to swim with and underwater caves to explore. We could go on adventures every day, make sea turtle friends, do tricks and apparently dolphins are pretty smart too.
Favorite book?
The best book I have read is the Kite Runner- couldn’t put it down!

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