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The Process: Making Our Americana Suits

You ask, we listen!

The Americana suit process begins after we receive hundreds of comments, e-mails, and messages asking us to bring back our classic stars and stripes design from a few summers back. 


We decide to make the print in our the Tomcat top and Europe bottom, two of our most popular styles.

For the first time ever, we set up the option to pre-order. This time around, no Americana lover would be left out of owning the patriotic suit of their dreams. 

man with a cape, Let's make a tomcat and euro in it!


After receiving all the pre-orders, it's time to get to work crafting each suit.

Our head designer, Mallyce carefully reworks her original Americana design for optimal placement and aesthetic. 

JOLYN designer Mallyce, on a laptop designing swimwear


Once the Americana design is finished, our pattern maker Charlotte creates the suit's template. 

a woman making a JOLYN Americana design bikini

As the pattern is adjusted, the whole Jolyn crew participates in the fittings to ensure that the final pattern features the best possible look and feel. 


From here, the foundation of the suit starts to take form as our durable 100% Polyester fabric undergoes the printing process. 

We then ink print labels into the lining of our suits.

a JOLYN ink print machine

Each piece is carefully stitched together and inspected for quality control. 

sewing machine, making a JOLYN Americana design bikini

 Once finished, each suit is packaged up in recyclable packaging and prepped for shipping out to its final destination - YOU!



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