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Behind the Scenes of our PINK MOTEL Shoot

At JOLYN we are constantly inspired by our customers and their love for JOLYN that rivals our own. For this shoot, we wanted to share how much our customers mean to us by creating a photoshoot to showcase how incredible the women of JOLYN are. The first step was to make an Instagram post asking for our customers to come by our HQ location for a casting call.

women wearing JOLYN one piece and bikini swimsuits

We were overwhelmed with how many incredible women showed up, there were so many friendly, talented, beautiful women ready to be a part of this experience. Then came the wave of women who were unable to make it to the initial casting call and wanted a shot so we opened up casting for them to submit on our Instagram and were again blown away with the responses. Check out #jolynforaday to see the submissions.

preparing for a JOLYN photo shoot

Not only was this photoshoot about showing off our incredible customers, we wanted everyone to be able to feel the comradery and friendship that develops when you are on a team. All of our customer models came from a background of swimming, water polo, surfing, or triathlons and had experienced the bond you create when playing a sport. These down to earth ladies showed up ready to get to get to work, having never modeled before, or even met each other until shoot day, and there was an instant connection between the models and even the crew.

women wearing JOLYN one piece and bikini swimsuits

“It’s grounding. No matter what kind of day I’ve had, sports brings me back to my center while also showing just how much we are truly capable of.” - Erika

women wearing JOLYN one piece and bikini swimsuits

In a world where we are constantly bombarded with media telling us how to act and what to look like, it was important for us to show women as we truly are. We are all different in so many ways, and it should be celebrated and appreciated.  “I love many things about swimming but the main thing is how free I feel in the water. It may sound kinda cheesy but the water is the only place where I feel safe and I can be completely myself without any judgement.” - Scarled. We hope to continue inspiring women to show their personalities and get out there and do what you want to do, be who you’re meant to be, and be confident while you’re doing it!

women wearing JOLYN one piece and bikini swimsuits

 A huge thank you to our customer models and athletes: @erikashilton @caitlynkissinger @scarledmurillo @tesssking @taylorannmillerr @na0umi @sarahhcaptt @cecangelina @melissafifita


women wearing JOLYN one piece and bikini swimsuits

Photographer: @hailleyhoward MUA @laurenumakeup Art Director @mallyce

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