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Behind The Scenes of our Rep Shoot!

We are in awe of the rad water women that make a living spreading the good word of JOLYN, aka our reps! Reps inspire everything from the actual design of suits to how and where they can be used. They are athletic, creative, bad-ass female entrepreneurs that are the reason we are able to to do what we love (making siiiiick suits) on a day to day basis.

So after all that gushing over our reps, it seems only fitting we’d do a photoshoot with them while they were in town for our Spring Sales meeting right? Right! Who better to show off our tried and true suits + new products than the women who know them best. 

behind the scenes of a JOLYN lookbook photo shoot

To make sure all their best angles were caught, we flew in underwater photographer extraordinaire and one of our fav photogs in general, Asia Anderson (@aisabrynne) all the way from Hawaii. And away we went with a full day lookbook shootin’ the JOLYN way....

behind the scenes of a JOLYN lookbook photo shoot

Mallyce was deadset on using balloons for underwater shots. SICK idea in theory, hard in practice. Turns our helium + foil balloons + an Olympic sized pool full of water pressure don’t mix kindly. But that didn’t stop the dream, we still got the shot. Just had to massage the vision.

behind the scenes of a JOLYN lookbook photo shoot


Underwater shots are our favvvvvvorite. How neat are the half in the water half out shots Asia took!? Do you even know how many times we’eve tried to do that on a GoPro?! Turns out you have to be a professional photographer or something to get that look. Also, we let our reps choose their favorite suits to wear in this shoot. It was way too cool to see their choices.


They also had a chance to record professional videos talking about JOLYN and why they love the brand. Celeb status!


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