We made a style guide for all you baddies goin' out in the wilderness and doing your thang this summer. Here are our top three granola girl glam looks.

The "I don't have reception now, but I'll need to post an insta once I do" Look
Complete this lewk with the following:
  • Steve Onesie
  • Slip on sneaks
  • Wide brim "ranger esque" hat
  • High waisted skirt

The "I'm still Jenny from the back country" Look
Complete this lewk with the following:
  • Quinn Leggings
  • Some hoop earrings
  • Platform sneaks (because ur not really hiking grl)
  • Finish it off with a crop top

The "Moonrise Kingdom by Wes Anderson is my favorite movie" Look
Plus "I'm slightly still inspired by Gwen Stefani's Harajuku phase" 
Complete this lewk with the following:
  • Printed suit of your choosing
  • Gold gym shorts, they must be gold
  • Crew socks, because fashion
  • A bold sunglass pairing


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