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DIY JOLYN Swimsuit Kit

D.Y.I. swimsuit kit


It's finally here. You've been asking us for this forever and we said really? And you said yeah. So we said okay. Because we love you so much ❤️
If your creation is any good maybe we'll hire you at JOLYN. Who knows. The world is your D.I.Y swimsuit kit oyster thing.


D.Y.I. swimsuit kit



  • I would have actually bought a kit 😭

  • This is too funny

    Whitney Austin
  • April Fools lol!!! 🤣

  • Awesome April Fools team Jolyn but I so would have loved a DIY swim suit kit.

    Coco Cayman
  • We totally would have done a DIY suit :(

    Natalie Carousso

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