JOLYN wanted to say thank you to everyone who contributed on Earth Day in so many ways big and small.  It was incredible to see so many of you posting the wonderful things you did, we wanted to give a shout out to a handful of the wonderful people making Earth a better place!

To our Winner @ana_eyre who drives an eco-friendly car that runs on recycled vegetable oil from restaurants!

To @cidthelid for planting trees and making the world greener.

To @hufflepuff_kelsie for sharing the little things you can do to make a big difference: refuse disposable straws at restaurants, taking your reusable water bottle everywhere with you to drink from, and remembering your reusable tote bags for groceries.

To @taraarmbruster for helping to clean up the beach and keeping our oceans clean.

To @amaia_pics for helping to set up cameras to watch mountains lions and protect their populations.

To @colorful.photography101 for switching out the plants in their front yard with plants that conserve more water and are eco-friendlier to their environment.

To @mspetit in Uruguay planting Uruguayan indigenous trees.

To @_danilion_ growing food yourself planting onions.

To @olympicphotographer for helping to clean up Redondo Beach.

To @emilyyyeah for always picking up trash on the trails when hiking

We loved seeing all the wonderful ways everyone is taking care of our planet. 

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