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Finally... FINA approved: introducing the Chevy Tiger

Chevy Tiger FINA approved for competition


What is FINA?  FINA is the international governing body of swimming, diving, water polo, synchronized swimming and open water swimming.


What does their approval mean?  The FINA stamp on a swimsuit provides 100% assurance that times earned while wearing it translate to state, national, and international stages/contests.  (USAS 102.8.1)


How was the CHEVY TIGER approved & how did we achieve official FINA vendor status?  We took our bestselling "Chevy" and performed minor tweaks to fabric & construction.  From there the suit was submitted to FINA who performed rigorous testing to ensure the suit met their high standards... WHICH IT DID and we couldn't be more STOKED!


Competition & Team Suits:  Due to its certified status, the Chevy Tiger is our official recommendation for any group orders intended for competition.  For training trips and practice suits you can go crazy with prints, logos, and style.

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