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Freediving off the Coast of the Carolinas

The girls of JOLYN Carolinas spent an entire day a few months back learning to freedive from the illustrious instructor + photographer, Sam Blount of Frontline Freediving ( @frontlinefreediving). Our amazing rep Kristi @jolynmidatlantic shared her experience with us and now we can't wait to try freediving ourselves!! 
women in a boat wearing JOLYN swimsuits
"We had a perfect, windless, flat day and the water was crystal clear- rare conditions for offshore diving in North Carolina!  Sam gave us a lesson on breath holding techniques & equalization at the surface, as well as how to dive safely with a buddy, what kinds of emergencies to look out for and how to respond. And off we went!"
two women in JOLYN swimsuits underwater
"It was a very liberating experience being free of all of my usual Scuba Gear - when you're freediving It's just you, your mask & fins, your lungs, and your mind. It was a challenging, exciting, and inspiring new way to play in the sea."
two women in JOLYN swimsuits underwater
"On one of my dives, a sandbar shark came up from the depths to say hello! He must have been wondering why and how these silly humans ended up all the way down there 60 feet below the surface...."
a woman in a  JOLYN one piece swimsuit underwater with a shark
"Huge thanks to Sam & Frontline Free diving, as well as Kyra DeMarte & Sidney Corn (models & Divers) for the amazing day offshore! And also thanks to the rest of the Frontline crew for providing the feast of fresh fish for dinner that night :)"
a woman in a JOLYN one piece swimsuit, underwater

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