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JOLYN Sponsored Athletes + Brand Ambassadors


Lauren Fendrick holding volleyball trophy


Meet Lauren Fendrick! Lauren made her first AVP appearance in 2003 in Tempe AZ and at 6 foot 2 inches is a towering beach VolleyBall veteran. Since then, she has AVP victories at Cincinnati, Miami, Huntington Beach and New York City. Lauren was a member of the 2016 Rio Summer Olympic team. This season, Lauren is competing in both the domestic AVP and international FIVB tours. Most recently, she is the 2017 Champion of the AVP New York City Open - Gold Series Tournament while playing with former 2016 Olympic teammate April Ross. Lauren is one inspiring woman! In-fact, she is so inspirational that we named a suit top after her!

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Follow Lauren on instagram to see where her competitions take her! @LaurenFendrick

Caitlin Ledoux playing volleyball


Caitlin Ledoux joined the JOLYN family this season as a young gun to watch in both the AVP and FIVB tours. Caitlin competed collegiately for Long Beach State. Her 2017 Season accomplishments include a 7th place finish at the Huntington Beach AVP Open, a 9th place finish at the Austin AVP open and a 5th place finish at the New York City Open - Gold Series Tournament!

Follow Caitlin on Twitter to see where her competitions take her! @CaitlinLedoux


Brooke Hess whitewater kayaking

This Month JOLYN welcome’s our first ever Kayaker to the family! Brooke Hess is a professional whitewater kayaker and a member of the National Freestyle team. Brooke inspires us through her courageous love for the water and her fearless approach to paddling some of the biggest river’s out there! Through international competition, Brooke is a world traveler and lover of the outdoors not only through paddling and water sports, but also through climbing. Brooke is spending this summer training in Canada preparing to compete in the Freestyle World Championships in November of this year.

To follow along with Brooke’s journey, you can follow her on instagram @BrookeHess


JOLYN Welcomes in a new group of people, our brand Ambassadors! What is a brand ambassador?

  • JOLYN ambassadors embody what it truly means to be an inspirational woman. Whether that means dominating in the pool, on the sand, surf or turf. Through sport, fitness, creativity or just kicking-butt in whatever they do, ambassadors lead others, and inspire their communities. Ambassadors are those who not only inspire us at JOLYN, but everyone around them! Ambassadors are different than our JoPro’s in that they do not HAVE to be professional athletes. An ambassador can be anyone that lives the JOLYN lifestyle and brings JOLYN into their respective community. They are creators, leaders, travelers, writers, or anyone that lives an aquatic, coastal, or inspiring lifestyle.
JOLYN brand ambassador Caprice Dydasco

This Month, we welcome our first official JOLYN Brand Ambassador, Caprice Dydasco!

Caprice Dydasco is a professional soccer player for the Washington D.C. spirit. An alumni of UCLA, Caprice is a tremendous athlete. Beyond her sport, Caprice is a Hawaiian native with a deep love for the ocean and the Aloha spirit. Caprice’s passions lie in meditating with yoga, experiencing the beach, paddle boarding, and traveling the world all while pursuing her career as a pro. soccer player! Caprice was able to come back to playing professional soccer after a devastating ACL tear. It is through her perseverance, hard work and positive attitude that Caprice inspires us at JOLYN and everyone around her!

Follow along with Caprice’s adventures at @CapriceDydasco

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