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JOLYN x Breast Cancer Angels: Breast Cancer Awareness Swimwear


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It’s October again guys and we all know what the official colors of the month are right?! BlaaackandOraaa...PINK. Pink is the correct answer, good guess!! October is breast cancer awareness month and according to, 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop breast cancer over the course of their lifetime. Which is a pretty scary statistic, but is also why we’re proud to announce we’re once again partnering up with our favorite local organization, Breast Cancer Angels.

For as long as JOLYN’s been a thing, we’ve dreamed of doing a print specifically to raise money for breast cancer and for the past 4 years we’ve been stoked that we could make it happen!

Our Goal: Raising Breast Cancer Awareness & Donations With a New Swimwear Print

This year’s breast cancer awareness swim print is inspired by affected women (and women in general) basically being literal superheroes while battling cancer (and tbh all the time). Like not to be mean toward men, but men come down with a cold and it’s the end of the world. But when a gal gets CANCER she’s this incredible fearless superhuman kicking her treatments ass and taking names, oh and in her spare time she’s doing half marathons for cancer research on the weekends, started her own charity, and is a legit social media influencer raising awareness!


a woman wearing a JOLYN breast cancer one piece swimsuit


 Why We Love Breast Cancer Angels

So our NEW Starlight print is for all our breast cancer fighting superheroes out there and 50% of profits from sales of our Starlight print are being donated directly to Breast Cancer Angels. BCA is a smaller Southern California organization that we initially found through asking one of our teammates whose mom battled (and beat) Breast cancer if she had gotten help from any charities. She said Breast Cancer Angels was a saving grace for her during that time and it’s no surprise why. 

a woman wearing a JOLYN breast cancer one piece swimsuit

While larger organizations tend to focus on finding a cure to the disease, BCA helps women going through treatment now with everyday things you wouldn’t really think about until you had to face cancer yourself. Things like paying for medical bills (you have a lot of those if you have cancer and not everyone has access to great medical insurance). Other stuff like paying for medications, groceries, and sometimes even child care (so your kids are taken care of while you go to doctors appointments) among an entire list of other incredibly helpful things. They're basically your friend and safety net in a time that is super challenging for you and your family mentally, physically and emotionally. For these reasons, we can’t think of a better organization to donate to and support. 

So in conclusion, this October, first and foremost check yo’self (Learn how to give yourself a breast examination here) because early detection is a key step to stealing cancer’s thunder. And after you do that, consider donating to a breast cancer charity. We would love it if you donated directly to Breast Cancer Angels but donating to any charity is amazing. If you find yourself needing a new suit and you feel so inclined, buy one of our Starlight printed swimsuits where 50% of the profits from sales get donated to Breast Cancer Angels. New suit + donating to a good cause = an unmatchable level of serotonin that you are going to need for the fall/winter season of quarantine. You’re welcome.

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  • As an 11 year Breast Cancer survivor in WI, I commend you for finding a local charity that helps women during their battle. I too was helped during the recession from a local charity like this and it was a Godsend. Thank you for helping women with your suit sale donations! I’m very impressed

    Jacqui Farber

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