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JoPro // Charger Pt.2


JoPro Charger

 Pilot: Part 2

… Through my adventures I have seen the importance of not only my own journey, but inspiring others to find their passion and live it out.   I have a love for teaching and am currently a graduate student in the teaching program at Point Loma Nazarene University and also hold my personal training cert from the American College of Sports Medicine. Working as an instructor with the Coronado junior lifeguard program has also been a huge catalyst for my passion to share my knowledge and love for health and fitness.


With this in mind, my best friend Jess Rocheleau and I started our own business and brand called Live Your Masterpiece. Jess is a fellow beach lifeguard at Coronado and a swim coach, and she holds a degree in exercise science. Like me, she was a collegiate swimmer, but has carried her athletic career into the sport of triathlon.


Live Your Masterpiece stemmed from the desire of Jess and I to take this idea of a masterpiece and connect it to the way we each live our lives.  We each have been given this blank canvas called life and it's up to us on what to do with us. There isn't one path, lifestyle, or activity that is better than others. It is more about what is in your heart and living that out... Finding your passion and pursuing it no matter what.


Not only have we started blogging about our personal experiences and adventures, but are stating to implement these ideas into a service. This fall we plan on holding kids clinics in our hometown of Coronado to encourage young people to get outside and really utilize every aspect of what Coronado has to offer. We want to create a fun and safe environment for kids to come and learn about our passions, hoping to inspire them to manifest their own. Jess and I are adamant about being role models that especially the young girls can look up to.


In addition to kids clinics, we also want to work with adults as personal trainers and coaches. We train with the two mottos in mind, “train like a lifeguard,” and “make the beach your gym.” The workout plans we generate come from the basis of the ocean lifestyle we both live. The beauty of our job is that a huge component of it revolves around fitness.


I am looking forward to sharing many of these workouts and tips on this blog!!


Here is one of our favorite beach workouts to leave you all with:


5 minute soft sand run (warm-up)

500 swim (to a buoy and back)

15 minute soft sand run (alternating 20 situps/10 pushups every other minute)

500 swim

15 minute soft sand run (alternating 10 burpees/20

JoPro Charger



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