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Open Casting Call

We are looking for you, our real JOLYN customers to model for us in upcoming photoshoots! Here are some details for you!

We are looking for any and all women to represent JOLYN. The only rules are as follows:

  1. Must be 18yrs or older.

  2. If you are committed to play or are currently playing an NCAA sport in college please get approval from your future or current college athletic compliance office before applying. We do not wish to jeopardize your athletic eligibility.

  3. Please tag your favorite photo of you in JOLYN on your instagram with the hashtags #jolyn AND #jolynforaday                  
  4. If your profile is private we are unable to view your photos and see your submission.                                                                       
  5. We are unable to accept emailed submissions as this time as well.             


  • Hello,
    Due to some health issues, I needed to quit swimming. But, my love for the Jolyn brand never went away. The last years of my swimming career were always in Jolyn suits, I never wanted anything else! I am still an active life guard, and wear your suits, I dont trust anything else! It was so amazing watching the brand grow through the years. I go as far back as having blue shark city printed bikinis. The kids I taught swim lessons to loved pointing out the kids of sharks! Even today I turn to Jolyn for bikinis. Never have I ever lost my top in the ocean and I can thank Jolyn for that! I would love to model for your brand, as it is one that is very close to my heart. Thank you!

    Marlies Duncan
  • Hi, my name is Keegan and i’m 20. I was a diver from ages 12-19. I’m a national champion and i’ve been to many dive meets as well as diving in college. I’ve been wearing your suits forever and I love them. I’ve recently moved to New Orleans and I’ve noticed that there aren’t any reps around here. Nobody around here really knows your brand. I wanted to help change that whether it be by promoting a rep that’s near by or becoming a rep or even a model!

    Keegan Fluharty

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