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Q&A with LEAD Scholarship Recipient Iyleigh

When did you first hear about LEAD and where?
My Mom. my friend Avery Fuhr

What interested you about LEAD and how did you decide you would attend?

I was feeling discouraged in my swim and lacking confidence. I really wanted to hear from the Olympians and what they went through when they were my age.

When you applied for the lead scholarship were you hopeful, nervous, excited?

I was excited, hopeful and nervous. I really wanted
to go but, with my mom fighting cancer this past year, I knew my parents didn’t
have the money to send me.

When you found out you won what did you do? Who did you call? How did you celebrate?  

I was so surprised to get a FULL scholarship! God answer my prayers to be able to go the LEAD. I was so happy and very excited
that I was going to be able to meet swimmers I have looked up to. I called my best friend, Avery who was attending the Summit too! We both knew what an amazing
opportunity this would be for us!

Did attending LEAD help you realize any goals? If so what are they?

I learned so much! My favorite thing I learned was behind the block thinking by Coach Christen; Wake up,Own it, Loosen up,Flip it, & Believe in yourself, My goals are to retrain my thinking and speak positive
self talk. Golden nuggets bracelets. Get Texas state cut in the 50 free as a 13 year old. Eat breakfast and fuel my body with healthy foods.

What steps will you take to achieve these goals?
I started to eat breakfast and snack before and after
practice. I am working hard in practice. I was really nervous before swimming the 200 fly in our first meet. I was able
to stay positive and try my hardest. . . and I didn’t die! :) I also had great advice from Kara Lynn Joyce.

What was your favorite part of LEAD?

That is really hard to say one thing. Elizabeth Beisel’s
talk, paddle boarding, talking with Kara Lynn, swim clinic, LEAD swag bags. Being with my friends Avery and Hannah. It was all so fun!

Have you worn JOLYN before? How did you like the swag you got?

Yes I had worn JOLYN before, just before the summit. I LOVED IT! Love my suit and the leggings are so comfortable and soft. I had never had UGGs before either.

Who/what inspires you the most in your life?
My Mom. She is a fighter and doesn’t give up. She is fighting breast cancer for the 3rd time.
She has taught me to do your best in all you do and be proud of your self. Coach Allie, Kara Lynn Joyce, They are very caring and you can feel that they want the best for you. They believe in me and understand what I’m feeling.

What are your best/ favorite swim strokes?
Backstroke and freestyle

What team do you swim for?
Swim Streamline at Northampton

Is there anything you want to say to your team here?
Thank you to my Streamline family for being so supportive of me in the good and rough times and always having my back. Thank you SSAN coaches for pushing me and encouraging me to go after my dreams. We have so much fun being on
the best team in the Texas. We are Streamline Strong!

What is your favorite pump up song?

Can’t Stop the Feeling, Eye of the Tiger

What are your favorite pre-meet and post-meet foods?

pre meet,waffle with peanut butter, smoothie, & applesauce post meet, protein shake, chicken, whatever my Mom is cooking and ice cream :)

What dessert are you craving right now?
caramel cone ice-cream

What is your favorite movie?  

Freaky Friday

When is your next swim meet?
In 2 weeks!

Do you want to swim in college?

Have anything to say to your fans?
Be confident and believe in yourself! You can do all things through Christ who gives you strength!

Anything else you would like to add?

Thank you so much for blessing me with this
opportunity to be able to go to the LEAD Summit. I will be taking steps to become the leader that Kara Lynn would be proud of. I want to be positive and encourage others to
do their best and be proud of themselves. One of my dreams is to work with Kara Lynn and mentor younger swimmers!

We think you are AWESOME!!!!!!

I think you guys are AWESOME too!!!!

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