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The Essential Guide to Lifeguard Swimsuits

Lifeguard swimsuits come in various styles and designs, but they all have one thing in common; their designs are solely focused on safety and functionality features.

There are many lifeguard swimsuits available in the market today, and choosing the one you want is simply a matter of preference. Some people may prefer to have something that fits well, offers a little more coverage of the body, but keeps them cool in the water.

Further on, we will look into the best types, features, and how and where to get them.


Lifeguard Swimsuits vs Regular Swimwear


Lifeguard swimsuits generally look pretty much the same as other swimwear and beach attire. Most of the functionalities of these two types of suits are about the same, but there are some minor differences, too. One major difference between lifeguard suits and regular swimming outfits is that lifeguard swimsuits put a larger emphasis on function rather than fashion.

The suits emphasize comfort in design and come in styles that provide optimum results. They are built of lightweight material that reduces friction and drag in water, enhancing a swimmer's forward propulsion in water.

Most lifeguard swimsuits are of a very tight fit. The design helps reduce muscle vibration and enables smooth motion in water. Given the nature of the service lifeguards perform, it would be risky for a lifeguard to deal with a finicky loose suit.

Competitive swimmers can also benefit from lifeguard swimsuits when safety and performance are critical.

Another key difference to note - unlike other swimwear, lifeguard swimsuits mainly come in one-piece swimsuit designs, lifeguard two-piece swimsuit designs, and rash guards.

Let us dive right into the best swimsuit designs in the market below.


Lifeguard Swimsuit Styles


Like other types of swimwear, lifeguard swimsuits are made with unique designs and styles. There are a number of lifeguard swimsuit styles that we are going to look into, and Jolyn provides a good variety of suits based on these designs.

Two-piece lifeguard swimsuits


Two-piece lifeguard swimsuits provide more options in terms of flexibility and sizes. They are the most convenient in harsher conditions but can also work in every other environment. Due to the minimal amount of fabric covering the body, two-piece lifeguard swimsuits usually come in workout bikini styles or designs.

Two-piece bikini lifeguard swimsuits have a distinguishable top and bottom. They usually come in two styles;

Fixed Back style: The fixed back bikini suit has fixed unadjustable straps. The straps are made to offer more support and comfort. They solve the hassle of having to readjust your laces every time you put on your bikini.

Jolyn's fixed back bikinis such as the Heidi Bikini are tagless for maximum comfort, offer full coverage, and are suitable for someone who spends a lot of time in the water.

Tie back style: The tie-back style offers an adjustable fit that can accommodate a wider range of sizes. This allows for top athletic performance because the wearer can adjust the swimsuit to the right fit and can work, train or do drills perfectly without any encumbrances.

The laces offer an opportunity for the wearer to choose a custom size as opposed to the fixed back style. Lifeguard swimsuits as Jolyn’s Shimmer triangle tops offer extra comfort and have a lining for maximum privacy.

The Features and Benefits of Two-piece Lifeguard Swimsuits

Two-piece lifeguard swimsuits have several advantageous aspects. Jolyn offers a great array of apparel with many features that cannot be found elsewhere.

Here are examples:

  •         The swimsuits are made of durable and 100% Polyester
  •         They are lined for privacy, and Jolyn's greats, such as the Tomcat Solid Lifeguard bikini top, have their linings made of polymer
  •         Designed to be adjustable and can serve a wide variety of sizes
  •         Made of chlorine-resistant material that ensures durability and usability in various environments
  •         Have reinforced stitching that offers strength and durability
  •         They can stretch, an aspect that comes in handy for the fixed-back style bikinis

One piece Lifeguard Swimsuits

One-piece swimsuits do not have a distinguishable top and bottom and are usually one piece of garment that runs from the shoulders to the crotch area. At Jolyn, we have a very wide variety of one-piece swimsuits or onesies as we mostly like to refer to them.

One-piece swimsuits look more flattering on most body types. Also, they have more coverage. They're not quite as revealing as a bikini, so they're a better choice for those who are looking for something a little demurer.

Bikini tops can be tricky for those with a large bust, and some women may want a little more coverage on their bottoms. One-piece swimsuits are the perfect compromise between the two. They're cute, modest, and perfect for most body types.

We offer one-piece swimsuits to our customers, who can purchase them according to their particular tastes. They keep in mind the features that one looks for in an ideal swimsuit. These swimsuits come in various styles and sizes. One can select according to her body type and can get a wide range of designs to choose from. These swimsuits are highly comfortable, reliable, and durable.

We have both adjustable and non-adjustable swimsuit styles. Designs such as the Drew swim onesie are non-adjustable and have fixed-back straps. They can either be padded or unpadded as well, and this can be gotten according to the user's discretion.

Just like any other products we offer; our one-piece lifeguard swimsuits are made of elastic material for extra performance. They are chlorine-proof and are tagless for maximum comfort.

A notable design is the Jolyn Jackson 4 swimsuit which doubles up as a swimming practice suit. It has adjustable tie-straps that provide a custom fit. It also features a fully rounded neckline which prevents the fabric from flapping during swimming.


Essential Lifeguard Swimsuit Buying Tips

Lifeguard swimsuits provide comfort at the lifeguard stand. You can base your purchase decision on features that offer comfort while enhancing performance.

They also need to withstand the water and chlorine. The fabric should be durable, but also comfortable. It should breathe well, but also be resistant to bacteria and mold. It's important to find the right balance of comfort and durability.

 It's essential to get a lifeguard swimsuit that fits properly. If it's too baggy, you'll be at a disadvantage if you need to perform a rescue. If it's too small, you'll be uncomfortable, and you'll be distracting the beachgoers with your body. Before you purchase a suit, make sure you know your specific needs, then go shopping!


Swim with Jolyn!

Lifeguard swimsuits differ from normal swimming apparel and have extra features that allow for competitive swimming and rescue work.

Jolyn allows you to customize your lifeguard logo on the swimsuits you get. This is, however, applicable to a limited set of lifeguard swimwear. There is a specific category of one-piece and two-piece designs that have this extra service.

Feel free to visit Jolyn online shop for your favorite lifeguard suit today! Comments and feedback will be appreciated.

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