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The Karen // Your Wedgie's Worst Nightmare

Two women wearing the Karen swimsuit accessory
Do you suffer from wedgies every time you hop out of the pool?? Well you're not alone. That's why we invented the Karen. She's our brand new patent pending
accessory that's here to put an end to that embarrassing situation forever!
Inspired by the classic and timeless design of suspenders, the Karen gently and consistently tugs out all potential wedgies from your behind using two water safe and chlorine resistant aluminum alloy clasps. Simply attach one end to the front of your suit and the other to the back and voila! Wedgie crisis averted. 
Karen currently comes in our ever so popular French Mulberry color and classic Black for the understated swimmer. Feel free to mix and match and have a blast knowing that your hiney will be fine-y!
Two women wearing the Karen swimsuit accessory


  • Y’all should make something like this tho! It would solve everything😂

    Leyla Houx
  • April fools?

  • it’s not a bad idea but it’s really ugly

  • Perfect I need an order for my daughter’s whole water polo team.
    Happy April 1st!

  • April fool’s!!!!

    Anna Gagnon

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