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Tired of boring wrapping paper? Want your gift to stand out? Or maybe you just ran out of wrapping paper and still want your present to look awesome ... Look no further than here for seven of our absolute favorite ways to make your gifts look great!

 Don't forget the most important part of decorating your presents, it is all about the JOLYN GIFT TAG STICKERS!! 




Plain brown paper, brown shopping bag, or any wrapping paper you want




1. Wrap your gift like you would normally, in any paper you desire.

2. Wrap the yarn around the gift several times until it is a width you like.

3. Tie the yarn to the backside of the gift. 

4. Grab more yarn and wrap it around your pointer and middle finger (loosely) several times until you have a pretty large amount of yarn. Then tie a piece around the middle (between your fingers) very tightly so that it looks like a bow. 

5. Cut the looped ends of the yarn you wrapped and fluff it so that it looks like a pompom!

6. Tie your pompom onto the present and be amazed at your crafty skills.

7. Slap on your favorite Jolyn gift tag sticker and you are all set!





shiny paper

random holiday sprigs of greenery or berries

Jute or some kind of string you like


1. Wrap the present.

2. Lay your chosen sprigs of holiday pretties and secure by wrapping the jute around the gift several times (this also makes it look more artsy and fancy trust us)

3. Put that pretty coordinating Jolyn gift tag sticker on and sit back and admire your handy work. 




Brown paper, brown paper bag, or any wrapping paper that strikes your fancy

cool fancy edged scissors

thick white string

spring of holiday cheer


1. Wrap that present.

2. Cut an extra strip of paper out with your cool scissors and tape it on over your holiday sprig of fanciness. 

3. Secure it further with the white string wrapped around several times (plus this just makes it look fancier)

4. Pick out your favorite Jolyn gift tag sticker and you're done!



Brown paper, brown paper bag, wrapping paper if you're prepared like that (as you can tell we aren't)

Metallic pens and markers

Snowflakes from the craft store you've had sitting around since last year because you keep promising you are going to make something cool with them one day


1. Wrap it.

2. Doodle it.

3. Snowflake it.

4. Sticker it.

5. Be amazed once again at your amazing skills.



One of those white clothing gift boxes you get tons of every year and never use so they pile up but you just can't seem to throw them away.



1. Put your gift in the box.

2. Make a bunch of pompoms (follow the pompom instructions on the first gift up above)

3. Tie varying lengths of yarn to each of them and tape to your gift.

4. Pick out that pretty sticker and done! You are officially the best holiday gift wrapper, you're welcome.



Brown paper, brown paper bag, wrapping paper


cool cutting scissors


1. Wrap your present like normal except cut the edge that will fold over with the cool scissors. The spot you apply tape to hold it in place is where you will tie the yarn to so only put one piece of tape on this side.

2. Cut lots of Yarn strips long enough to wrap around the gift and tie.

3. Tie on all the pieces of yarn, be annoyed at how many pieces you cut, start to second guess yourself on wrapping a gift like this.

4. Trim the ends so they are all the same length(ish) 

5. Take back all the previous annoyance you had at wrapping like this because it looks awesome.

6. Put on all the star stickers from your Jolyn Gift Tag sticker pack, and add a gift tag too.



Another one of those plain white clothing gift boxes that has been gathering dust for who knows how long

Some acrylic paint in colors you like

alphabet stickers

foam stamp or paint brush


1. Put your gift in the box.

2. Put stickers on the box to spell out whatever you want to say.

3. Paint circles or swirls or streaks on the box.

4. When it dries peel stickers off to reveal your handiwork.

5. Put that sticker on and call it a day. 



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