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Tips to Buying the Perfect Women's Lifeguard Swimsuit

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As Summer approaches, so does the search for a perfect Summer job. A great Summer job option, especially for water-women is becoming a Lifeguard. This is a job that teaches people how to focus, work as a team, and give back to their community. 

The right attire is key to being a lifeguard and performing your best. If you are looking for a women's lifeguard suit, you will quickly realize that there are a lot of options available. How can you choose the right one? There are several important points to keep in mind.

Choosing the right type of lifeguard swimsuit, or any other water sport  bathing suit can be made much easier by remembering these essential tips.

Is a Traditional Life Suit Right for You?
What About Lifeguard Bikinis? 
Lifeguard Swimsuit Size Charts 
The Right Fabric for Lifeguard Swimsuits 
Lifeguard Swimwear with Logos

Is a Traditional Lifeguard Suit Right for You?

If you are looking for a one-piece lifeguard suit, then a traditional lifeguard suit could be the best option. Traditional active bathing suits usually have keyhole backs. They are typically made out of Lycra, have a stretchy quality, and will remain comfortable even if you are going to be sitting in a chair for long amounts of time. There are several situations where the one-piece active swimwear might be appropriate for you, including:

  • If you are trying to maximize your skin coverage to prevent a sunburn
  • If you are going to be working as a lifeguard at a facility that has a more conservative feel
  • If you are going to be active in the water teaching classes, making saves often, or even giving swim lessons

A traditional lifeguard suit could be the best option for you. These suits usually have “lifeguard” written across the front.

What About Lifeguard Bikinis?

On the other hand, there could be situations where a two-piece lifeguard bikini set might be better. A lifeguard bikini suit is going to maximize your dexterity. Therefore, they usually come in sport or workout designs. 

A lifeguard bikini has been specifically designed to balance function and comfort. They are usually made out of Lycra and will be stretchy enough to prevent chafing while still allowing you to be hydrodynamic in the event of a water emergency.

Because they do not provide as much coverage, you do have to be careful about getting a sunburn; however, they are breathable, so they are ideal for lifeguards who work in hot temperatures.

Lifeguard Swimsuit Size Charts

Once you have decided what type of lifeguard suit you want, you need to find one that will fit you. Remember that lifeguard suits are designed to be a bit snug. That way, they do not create drag or resistance when you get in the water. It is helpful to take a look at a size chart.

If you have an idea of what your dress size is, you should be able to figure out what lifeguard suit works well for you. You can also measure your waist, hips, and bust to figure out what type of size you need. 

Finally, if you have a lifeguard suit that you know fits you well, take a look at the tag and figure out what measurements you require. That way, you can find the right lifeguard suit for you.

The Right Fabric for Lifeguard Swimsuits

Finally, you also have to think about the quality of the fabric technology used to make the lifeguard suit. The quality of the fabric is important because you are going to be spending time in this fabric for several hours on end. You should identify fabric that:

  • Is durable enough to stand up to routine use
  • Will not fade or become see-through after regular use
  • Will not absorb the sun's rays, preventing you from getting hot
  • Will dry quickly when you get out of the water
  • Will prevent chafing, keeping you comfortable

If you are looking for the best women's lifeguard swimsuits available, and take a closer look at the options provided by JOLYN.

Lifeguard Swimwear with Logos

If you are looking for custom lifeguard swimwear with logos, JOLYN has a specialized online store

It was developed to help women lifeguards get individual suits that are logo-ed. To get started, just select the desired style, size, quantity, and logo! It's that simple! You can also get blank bottoms to make it an easy one-stop-shop.

Invest in the Best Women’s Lifeguard Swimsuits from JOLYN

If you want the best women's lifeguard swimsuits available, then look no further than JOLYN

JOLYN produces stylish, durable, and comfortable lifeguard swimsuits and bikinis; as reviews from lifeguards like Alyx show:

"Back in my day, we didn’t have JOLYN as an option for our team lifeguard gear. I was expected to perform as an athlete and a lifesaving professional wearing ill-fitting, out-of-style, and unsupportive bikinis that deteriorated in the harsh sun and saltwater, then I purchased my first JOLYN swimsuit. . ." 

Alyx goes on to say that JOLYN swimsuits made all the difference when performing a critical rescue.

What Female Lifeguards Have To Say About Our Swimwear

5 Stars, Sofia C. Chevy Onesie!!! This suit is soooo amazing! I lifeguard and swim and this suit is perfect for both! It covers perfectly and never slips! Highly recommend!

5 Stars, Heidi W. Great suit. I bought this for my daughter for jr lifeguard this summer. It looks great on her and it doesn't ride up when she is working. Color has not faded. Will buy again!

5 Stars, Kenni S. Good professional suit. Love the suit! I purchased this to use as my lifeguard / lessons suit and it stays in place in and out of the water. It does get a bit tight in the shoulders after wearing for a long shift (5+ hours). I feel confident that I am professional in this suit and I know it won’t shift and leave me exposed.

5 Stars Heather O. Great suit. I am using this suit as a lifeguard swim suit because all of the provided suits I have had before stretch out and fade in a few months. I am excited to finally have a high quality red suit for work.

4 Stars Kenzie D. Loved it! This suit fit a tiny bit more snug than I would’ve liked but, it was comfortable, stayed put and looked very cute. Great suit to have for Lifeguard training.

5 Stars Mattea R. Love it!. I lifeguard in the summer time and I’ve ordered this top the past two summers. I still wear both of them so I’ve been super happy with their longevity and I’ve never had an issue with sizing.


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